28 thoughts on “Osaka Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  1. Al Cali says:

    Please do some vids coming from the Philippines. You can feature the Country’s oldest City and home of the wonderful Sinulog Festival! The home of the most delicious mangoes in Guimaras. The white sand beach of Boracay. The calming laid back municipality of Camiguin. The flower capital, Baguio. Surfing spot in La Union and Siargao. The serenity of Coron, Palawan and the bustling city of Manila. There’s so much to offer here in our country. Hope Expedia can see that tooo.

  2. MosesMabini says:

    I love Osaka. When I was visiting, a nice elder woman voluntarily helped me find the right bus stop even though she only spoke a little bit of english. She even walked me to it. 💙

  3. Stunningplaces11 says:

    I have planned to visit Japan in January but because of this pandemic crisis, still waiting for remove these restrictions for travel . Sweden is one of the high risk country because of no lockdown. Hopefully soon will be possible to visit this beautiful place.

  4. Eric Tang says:

    One of my favourite cities.. Universal Studios is my favourite theme park in the world soo far, blessed to have gone on a good day where there wasn’t much crowd 🥰🥰

  5. Zen Lev says:

    I know COVID 19 is around right now but is it possible for you guys to visit Switzerland at all? I've really wanted to go there for some time now and your videos are absolutely spectacular and incredibly informative. I was just wondering if you could do one for Switzerland. Im sure many people would also love to see it.

  6. neoxsupreme says:

    Finally Expedia completes the trinity of Japan travel guides: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. I should be in Japan today to see these three wonderful cities just before the Olympics got underway. Darn you COVID-19! 😤

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